Barn repair and bedroom "before"

Last Sunday we had a thunderstorm with some strong winds.
Rain was blowing sideways, patio furniture toppling over, etc.
We didn't think much about it until feeding time, when we saw two sheets of barn roof bent over backwards.

Fortunately, we had found a repair guy a few weeks ago for something else.  The fix was easy-peasy......
except for being WAY UP THERE!!!!!!
I'm so thankful we found this repair guy (by way of goat sales), and he will probably be working on my bathroom soon---YAAAAAYYYYYYY!
And I am finally getting the bedroom painted, so I thought I'd show you a before picture.
There is crown moulding with only one coat of paint, all splotchy like.  I AM thankful the crown moulding is already in place though, or I would not be writing this post for another year--DH is not fond of installing crown.
See the paint above?  Not sure what happened there, but it was like that in several places.  Maybe the previous owners painted during a power outage and could not see--who knows.  The paint is a light shade of mauve.  The mauve curtains were discarded long ago.  The mauve honeycomb shades remained, until I took them down today.  We had black fabric over this window, because with mauve shades, the sunshine made the room glow---you guessed it---MAUVE.  
I got the ceiling painted today, and the 1st coat on the trim.  I hope to finish the painting on Tuesday, and start sewing the curtains.

Very excited boy

DH's new tractor arrived one day last week.
Waid was one very happy boy!!!!
He inspected every single inch of it before DH got home.
Waid can barely read, but he can tell you all about tractors!
Of course he got a ride as soon as DH got home.
The next day, DH got right to work with it.  We are so thankful to have the equipment needed to run the farm, and so very thankful for LOTS of hay!

All day in the kitchen

Just wanted to give you some numbers on my butter making.  You can see how I make my cultured butter here.  I started out that way at least.  Now I whip for 10 minutes, drain buttermilk, then whip a few more minutes, getting most of the liquid out, so not as much kneading is needed.
Now for the numbers:  4 1/2 gallons of cream, collected over 4 or 5 days.  Seventeen quart jars, filled to the 24 oz mark.  I suppose I could use my 1/2 gallon jars; but I know the 24 oz thing works perfectly.  If I used larger jars, the 12 hours on the counter would be affected, and I don't have the time for discovery, so I stick with what works!
I put 6 cups of liquid in my mixer, it is a professional 6 qt size, any more and it sloshes out, even with the pouring shield/splash guard on it.
Yield:  11.75 pounds of butter!
Time from mixer to freezer:  3 hours.
By product: 7.5 quarts of buttermilk.

Today I was in a crazy cooking mood, and actually wanted to be in the kitchen.  So, I also made 2 coconut cream pies.
and stuffed portabella  mushrooms!

Love is......

Letting your best friend suck on your ear when her bottle is empty!
Moe lets Flossie do this everyday.
They are so sweet together.

Boy's bath

This is the sign that I needed to remind me.......
it's not the end of the world to have a laundry/bath combo; I had a dedicated laundry room for 26 years. 
This is the artwork that inspired the whole room. 
 I bought it a few years ago in China, because it has 3 Chinese boys on it.
I made the shower curtain to get all the colors in there.
The previous light fixture was a single, and the mirror was much smaller, just changing those 2 things made a huge difference in lighting up the place.  We also replaced the ceiling light fixture, and the faucet.
The cafe curtain was made from an antique hemstitch tablecloth I mentioned a while back.

Thank you Target for having the perfect towels.
Continued below....

bath part 2

The cabinet was painted and new pulls and hinges added.
Of course old holes had to be filled and sanded, then new ones drilled, just like in the girl's bath.
OK, so you either love or hate the antique door being used as a divider. 
 It doesn't do as much dividing as I had hoped.  The doorknob is the new hand towel hook.
Laundry cabinets were painted and got pulls left over from our last kitchen.
Yes, my non- modern dryer is sitting on a pedastal ....Lowe's clearance, $35.
It would be good if it matched, but it keeps me from standing on my head to reach to the back of the dryer.

I ordered a custom print of a great pyreneese to go over the toilet, and I'd like to put this clock somewhere.
BUT, my print is lost in Detroit, and I don't want to hang the clock until I'm sure that the print will indeed go over the toilet.
YAY!! This project went much faster than the girls bath.

Boy's bath Before

The boys bath was already a turquoise color, but not the right shade.   Besides, I always paint everything when we move, although it used to get done a lot faster.
DH taking down the laundry cabinet to paint, and put back in a different spot.
When the house had to be re-plumbed, holes had to be cut in this wall to access the shower pipes.  

And there was a yucky old faucet that was hard to operate.
Stay tuned for the 'after' post.

Girls bath--FINALLY!!

After about two months, it is finally finished.  Two months?! you ask, "did you build it from the ground up?"
No, just lots of kids and animals to schedule time around.  Any who, here it is.
Got this shower curtain at World Mkt a couple of years ago, when I 'thought' I would be re-doing their bath at the old house....paid about $2 for it.
The bath is crazy shaped, and was added to the original farm house, probably in the 60's.
I'm guessing the last re-do was about 15 years ago, based on the faux marble walls surround around the jet tub/shower unit.  I love having a chandelier in the bath!  The wall with the Chinese artwork on it, is the side to a linen closet.  You can see a bit of the door  that goes to the girl's room, and a bit of the door to the hallway.
With the odd shape, pictures were hard to get.  I painted the cabinets and took down the big plain mirror, replacing it with 2 framed mirrors.
The cabinet got new pulls,  cool mercury glass.  Of course the old pulls had two screws, so all the holes had to be filled and sanded, then new holes drilled.  My hubby loves me for things like that.
New light over the sinks, and new faucets too.
This post continued below, since I post from my phone, and only so many pictures will send at one time.


Shower curtain detail.....
The door to the left is to the hall, and the one on the right is a walk in closet.
The girls are thrilled to have nice towel bars, nails were used for quite some time.
The curtain is made from an antique petticoat/slip.  I decided to stop storing antique fabrics, and actually USE them!
I'm so thrilled to finally have this room finished!  I hope to show you the boy's bath in a couple of weeks.

Lesson learned

New farmer lesson # 12.  Don't buy a tractor until you know what you need.
DH had to have something to get started with, we had to buy something, many pastures to bush hog, and so much other work to do.  With several projects, DH began to realize this was not the tractor he needed.
Thank goodness he was able to sell it quickly, and not lose money.
The new tractor is being delivered soon.  
It's been so hot, we are letting the kittens cool off in the feed storage room.
Jake said the heat index in Pensacola was 114 degrees one day last week----wow!

Our pears are falling off the tree due to the weight, but aren't ripe yet.  Felicity does not care.  The kids gather the pears up and put them on the golf cart, then we distribute the special treats to the animals.
Below is my biggest batch of butter yet....TEN and a half pounds!

That's been life on the farm this week, hope yours has been great.

Gentle Giant

Happy, what's that in your dish?

Is something eating your food?
It's a sweet of you to share!!