There's a monster in the house

Oh, it's just Waid.  This boy keeps up laughing.  He wanted these house-shoes so bad, thank goodness they had XL!
We have a DEN!!!  What?  Yours doesn't have a garage door opener in the ceiling?  Nowhere near finished, but live-able enough to unwrap the furniture---finally.   The family hangout space in the evenings, for the past 6 weeks,  has been a chaise lounge in my bedroom... a little crowded.
There will be 2 sets of french doors where the garage doors are now.
And here's the other side. Side 2 insulation, electrical, etc., are to be done in the next couple of weeks.  We also have to insulate the attic portion.  Then there will be filling all the holes in the ceiling  that will be there when the garage doors and florescent lights come down.  I'll be painting the ceiling white, haven't decided whether or not to whitewash (or some other color) the walls.

Progress this week

One wall is finished in the den.  The old paneling had to be taken down, insulation put in, electrical run, and the tongue-and-groove boards cut and installed.  This would all go alot faster if it were not for that thing called a full-time job (which I am very grateful for!).
We decided to put a mini-split unit in for heat/air.  These are used greatly all over the world, don't know why they haven't caught on more here.  
TA-DA!!  I got a  closet.  That's pretty exciting when you haven't had one for over a month.    It is certainly not complete, but got the clothes out of boxes and onto racks.  Life was beginning to feel like a carry-on-only trip to China, with only 4 outfits to wear out in public (plus work clothes for home).
Enjoying our cows!  Emmi put flower vines on Lilly's head, but Charmaine ate some of them before I could snap a picture.  We have started training them to come to a certain pasture each evening, preparing for when we milk Lilly.  She is very sweet and gentle.
I also got a dining room chandelier, and DH hung it.  The original one, is the chandy that I painted for the girls room, so we were eating with limited light.  Good thing DH was able to install this before the daylight savings time change, or we would be eating in the dark.
Hope you are having a productive week too!

A FINISHED room!!!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have a finished room.  Everything is taking so much longer than I thought.  DH has so much to do outside, turning garage into den, and turning old den into master suite...."my" stuff is at the bottom of the list.
I finally got smart in this house, ALL curtains will have black out lining.  It's cheaper and easier to work with than the insulated lining....and helps when someone wants to sleep late=).
Love our little memory verse board.  Got it, unpainted, at Micheal's.
Waid's desk is in the closet, and 2 kids have a crate on the black bookshelf with their stuff in it, and will work at the kitchen table.  I love my curtains, colors, and view!  When Jake is home visiting, we can easily  move the desk and keyboard over and put him on the blow up bed.
SO glad every room has crown molding.  However, it is slowing our progress down.  Every bit of molding in each room has to be re-caulked before I can paint....which means I'm waiting on DH before I can paint.
Did I say I love my curtains?  They were a little bit of a splurge since they aren't necessity.  
Have a happy happy weekend=)


Last week 22 cows left the farm.  The pictures aren't good but it was very interesting for me and the kids to watch the cows being loaded up.  In our contract, the previous owner had 60 days to get all the animals and his equipment off of the farm.  I don't know what made him take the cows.....maybe it was the more than $30,000 that they are worth.
He did leave us Charmaine and Lora, both are pregnant.  We were also able to purchase Lilly, who belonged to the previous owner's relative.  

This little bull is being held with a nose thing, he is about to be banded ("fixed" so his mind will be on getting fat for slaughter, rather than on girls).
Sad to see them go, but so blessed to have 3 of out own....soon to be 6!

Scenes from the farm this week

The Charolais cow has been named Charmaine. The Angus is namer Lora.

We don't have one of these

Waid drew this happy bison and he is too cute not to share. So many things to post, so little time.

Spa day

Delilah has her own personal beautician. Kristen has worked with horses over 10 years, even worked as and lived at a horse farm for a while. She also brought her dog Samantha last week.

Lots of concrete

Instead of herding cattle here, we've been herding kids. There's a wide paved path that goes down to the stocked pond; i didn't even know the path was there until Sunday. We still haven't made it to the back of the property, lots of exploring (and bushogging) to do.

Girl's room sneak peak

Bubble gum pink chandelier. It will be a while before I make curtains and hang pictures...stay tuned.

Today I rescued 65 year old pine floors from a berber-y grave.