We will be her family in 4 more days!!

Honey-Do's at Kristen's

How to make a two story entry not look so empty : 
 Thrift store frames, paint to match decor, and hang.
 We originally wanted to overlap some of the frames, but didn't want to split the wood with screws, and didn't feel too secure about a glue work time was limited, no time for glues to dry.
 My aunt gave me this fabric a year or two ago.  I found it in my stash, and realized it had the same blue-gray color as one of Kristen's extra rooms.  They took longer to hang than they did to make.

 Kristen bought my old living room sofa, and has had the thrift store picture for several years.
 She also bought our biggest TV, and the basement tv console.  I'm so glad she wanted to buy some of our extra's, and I didn't have to deal with Craigslist.
 David's desk from the basement also got a new home at Kristen's.  I also sold the basement sofa and loveseat.  Our current house is 3300sf, and some of it is wasted space for us.  We chuckle at the fact that I can go upstairs to work, where there are no kids at the moment, and within 20 minutes or so, all the kids have gradually migrated to where I am.
The farm house is 2300sf, and although it will take a little getting used to, I think it will be the perfect size.
We will be moving in FIVE more days!!!

Having fun while we wait

Have you ever seen a sock-monkey saddle and ride a T-Rex?  
Now you have.
                                                  Enjoying farmer's market water melon.

                                  Only eaten before swimming, so I don't have 6 sticky messes.
 When the grass started crunching, I decided to water it.  The kids had a ball!!
 Reminded me of kids at Christmas playing with the boxes that their toy comes in.......we have a pool, but they thought playing in the sprinkler was amazing=)

Still HERE

....and I do mean HERE.  Our 1st buyer walked away, after he spent $1,200 on appraisal, home inspection, and septic tank inspection---crazy!
 We were originally going to have only 10 days to get out of the I turned into a packing machine....because he was a cash buyer---what could go wrong?!
 We are very thankful to have had a second offer, which we accepted.  Now my packing pace has slowed greatly, and we've even done some school.
I've packed many times, here are a few things I've learned:  Clean out your closet, but don't donate the clothes....not yet.  Framed artwork/photos wear old t-shirts wonderfully.  Just fold the arms over the chest, and fold the waist upwards, plenty of protection for frames.
 Padded envelopes are awesome; if you have a source.  We get multiple braille books in them every month, so I have quite a stash.  Oddly shaped accessories can be put in them, as well as framed art (cross-stitch made by my mom in 1973).
 Stretch wrap is your best friend.  Before kids, during graduate school, I worked at a furniture store, actually did an internship there as the decorator.  Stretch wrap is relatively cheap, and can be used for many things.  Wrap armoir/cabinet type furniture, so the doors do not swing open.  Wrap mattresses, box springs, and sofas, because strange sweaty men touching my fabric furniture is not something I want to think about.
 Wrap other stuff to help prevent the corners from getting banged up, of course moving blankets are still needed.
Craig$list is a great source for moving boxes, we got a ton left on the curb by someone who was crazy enough to spend money on them at HD.  
Not that anyone else I know needs packing tips right now...but you get what you pay for on this blog=)

Our crazy far.

We had an amazing time at Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately all of the pictures are on DH's computer, and the disks from Disney and Give Kids the World.
 This is Mayor Clayton, and Mrs. Merry, GKTW mascots.  We partied with them every evening, with a different theme each night.  Gifts were left on the kitchen table in the villa everyday, for each kid, not just the wish child.  Many Disney characters visit GKTW to have pictures made with the kids, no long lines like at the park.
 GKTW wish kids get a special pass that allowed us to go straight to the front of the line at all attractions and have special seating at shows!
This was at the Christmas party.  Each child got to pick a gift from shelves full of toys.  So many of the guests miss out on birthday parties, Christmas, etc. because they are in the hospital or simply not able to get out because of health issues.

Sadly, you may never see Disney pictures.....because......after 9 months, we have FINALLY sold our house.
Twice in one week actually--we had 2 offers.  If all goes according to plan, we will be on a farm in less than a month.  Remember Delilah the horse???  She will be ours!!  Along with 2 pregnant cows, and a bunch of chickens.  We will certainly be adding alot more animals over time.  We are very excited, and will try to post when time allows.

Today's funny

Amazing how Jenna's brain works.
                                                    One day we will look back and laugh.......
Guess who pushed who(whom?) into the pool?  The kids had permission to rinse their fingers off in the pool, after eating sticky popsicles.  Wes got carried away and was putting his whole arm in, for apparently no reason, Emmi pushed him in.
After punishment and discussing the dangers...I'm laughing inside.  Reminds me of when Kristen pushed Jake down the cement stairs in front of the church, while everyone was visiting outside.  They were about 5 and 6 at the time.  They still remember it and laugh=0

Just so you know...

 I wasn't a lazy bum on Tuesday, like I thought I would be.  After piano lessons for Jenna, I trimmed all the bushes in the yard.  Today, I thought I would tackle this.....
 Just as I got all the car seats out.....the phone rang.
 "Can we show your house in 30 minutes?"   Why of course=)  So I did a test run of 'life with no car seats', all the kids are of legal size for our state...I just prefer more strenuous requirements.
We went back to our "private" park.

 We discovered that Wes CAN walk on his hands......

And maybe....just maybe....we'll be looking at 2 offers on the house this week.
 The people who looked yesterday, for the 2nd time.....want to come back Saturday for a THIRD time....good grief.  They want to bring their parents......really people, leave and cleave!  And now I'll hush before I get myself into trouble=)

Because I needed something else on my plate....

On Monday, my beloved 14 year old Whirlpool washer expired.  Full of water of course.
She outlived our original washer by 2 years, so we knew her days were numbered.
  Her better half--the dryer, is still going strong.  The pair was purchased as a scratch and dent sale item at Lowes.
 Several of the houses we have looked at, will include extra appliances.  We seem to have a knack of picking houses where someone has died, or is being put in a nursing home.  So we certainly did not want to spend money on a new washer at this point.  My new girl was found on the Power Co classifieds for $115, and she's under 5 years old.  YAY!  She is busy at work right now=)
The "serious lookers" looked at our house again today.....Our agent is going to check with the other agent late this afternoon, if she doesn't hear from him.  Praying the people choose our house!

Rainy day productivity

I baked bread,

Made 108 peanut butter cookies (most for freezing),
                                        Made  two  double recipe coffee cakes (4 breakfasts in freezer).

                       Then after lunch, I cooked meat for 4 casseroles. Made 2 lasagna's for the freezer.
Broke down about 100 boxes, so they would take up less space in the garage, and cleaned up in the garage.
Are you impressed...don't be....I'm gonna be a lazy bum today=)
Remember we had narrowed our house search down to 2 last week?  After making on offer on one, we woke up the next morning second guessing our decision; then the offer was countered, and we did not reply.
 Then we made an offer on the other house.  The seller is a cantankerous older man, who did not want to come off the price, did not want to pay 1/2 lawyer fees, and his "customary" portion of selling expenses, did not want to pay for termite letter, wanted 60 days to get the last of his stuff out the barn, and wanted double the earnest money.........cantankerous is a nice word; don't you think.  We did not counter his counter offer.
(photos of my snowball bush and lilacs)
So Friday we went to see a great house with 37 acres, it's a bit further than DH wanted to drive.
We made an offer, but haven't heard, as it is an estate.

Our house was shown on Sunday, and we are in the top 2...we're told they will be back some time this week to decide on which one to buy.
Please pray for us, we've never had such a frustrating home search/sale.
Since we still don't have a farm,
 I have plenty of time to sit around and dream about what I would do on the farm....