Nothing blog worthy,

Haha, I bet you'd say that about many of my posts.=)
We had a new version of the old 7 layer salad this week.  It had grilled chicken, peppers, onions, bacon, boiled eggs, romaine, tomatoes, broccoli, and homemade ranch dressing!  Everyone ate an entire plateful, and loved it......this will be a new summer staple!

Flossie decided she wanted to see what was going on in the milking parlor, and would not take "no" for an answer.  Flossie is 11 months old and will be bred soon.
I washed her udder, and turned the machine on so she could hear the noise.
I was afraid this would cause a problem, and that she would want to come "practice" everyday, but she has not.
Who remembers Morrison's Cafeteria?  When DH and I were first married, his work place was near one.  We went to Morrison's every few months, and I always got turnip greens, and stewed okra and tomatoes.
DH always turned his nose up at both dishes.  For some strange reason, he asked me to make some greens; which I had never done before.  So for the first time ever, I made them, and DH, at age 50 ate them.
Maybe I'll try making the stewed okra and tomatoes when the garden comes in .
While DH was off, he weed eated, ate,   used the weed eater to trim miles of fence line.....or at least it seemed like it.  Other outside work was done, and planting in the garden was completed.
Here is a sneak peak at what I got done.  Yes, those are antique forks being used for cabinet pulls.  
The counter tops *should* go on next weekend, and then I can paint the lower cabinets.  I can't wait for you to see the drawer handles!

It was a slow week.

Goats still playing in the barnyard.
Moe still being Moe......
and pouting when someone else is getting brushed.
This was Elvin's last bottle. 
 I have been bottle feeding 1 or more calves for the past 15 months!
Now I get a break until August.
I'ts not a job I mind at all, but it will still be good to have a break.
Avery is still reading to her little goat daily.
And sisters are bringing flowers to make little goaty jewelry.
This little goat is very patient and tolerant.
We're still watching Blue Herons eat from our ponds.  (See the little blob on the lower edge).
Slow progress here...... but DH was on night shifts.  He's off all next week!  The only good thing about night shifts is that they are followed by a whole week off.
I filled the lovely 1960's carved border on the cabinets with wood putty.  Sanded, and repeated.
It wasn't in my original plan, but I think I'll be much happier with the finished product.  Now when I'm applying the finish, I don't have to worry about all those little lines, and the runs that they could cause.
I know I said it last week----but I hope to get the upper cabinets painted this week!

Open Shelves!!!

My wonderful hubby pulled this off for me, after working from 4pm to 4am, 
and only having a few hours sleep!
The 'brackets' are made from black iron pipe.  
We looked at several options, but frankly this was the easiest. 
The wood is 2 inch thick barn wood, from my stash.  
I am so thankful that previous owners saved the wood!
Some of it is crooked, it feels like petrified wood, weighing in at 25lbs per shelf.
I have to dab some dark gray paint on the silver screws. 
The hardest part was figuring out the exact measurements of where to put each shelf.
We had to account for a stove hood that is not up yet, and could not put a screw too close
to where two boards met.
The green shelf used to be white, and hung by the stove.  I like the shelf so much, 
I wanted to keep it in the kitchen.
As you can see, the wood certainly isn't perfect, but that's what's so wonderful about it =).
And what's almost as good as the great new shelves, is a clean counter top and bar.
It hasn't looked like this for several months, and was really driving me crazy.  When the other cabinets were torn down, all the contents had to go somewhere!
And here's a pic of a sweet baby goat sleeping on the wall of the barn.
Isn't he precious!

It's so fun to watch these guys!  Happy weekend.

Jake was home!

I'm spoiled with the beautiful views here.  The cows belong to a neighbor, but the lake is ours=).
Emmi has 10 goats now!  Six are babies, three of those are boys and will be sold.
Oh, yeh, The title of this post is about Jake, isn't it?
He has lost a total of 93 pounds!  I think he is where he is meant to be now.
He is 2 inches larger in the waist than when he went to college.
He was only 16 then, and still growing.

He loves Butterball.

He does NOT like goats.

DH is in denial, and refuses to believe that Jake is taller than he is.
Jake has been taller than DH for several years....poor DH, still in denial.
The cabinet shop at PCC is raising Jake's desk this week, so he will no longer bang his knees on it.
He is enjoying his new job as Director of Student Workers at PCC.
The men helped me get the rest of the cabinet down, and my open shelves should be in by Friday!

They worked all day Saturday on this.....
                                                                 um, what?

Until Saturday, there was a mobile home spot on the main road side of our property.  One of the previous owners rented it out.  DH had the power removed while back.  The men pulled up big telephone sized fence posts that were around the trailer spot, and cleaned up the old barbed wire.  Then they put up new fencing to connect the fence along the roadside.  Now it looks great, and you'd never know it had been a trailer spot.

The sweetest thing ever

Emmi's goat, Henrietta, had a kid the day we were working on the kitchen lighting.

I could not immediately go out and check on them, but Emmi said everything was fine.  Henrietta was huge, and we couldn't believe she only had one kid.  I made it out about 15 minutes later, and stayed outside for a while.  Then we went back to our work.

When we went back out for chores, look what we saw.....2 babies!
About 15 minutes between babies is the longest we have seen, until now.
Even if Henrietta had the 2nd baby right after we left, it still would have been at least 45 minutes after the first one.

So here's the sweetest thing ever.  
The next morning, Emmi planned for me to roll Avery outside after milking time.

She gave the little girl goat to Avery!
Emmi had given Avery a goat about 6 weeks ago.  Remember, the mom didn't make milk, and we were bottle feeding it?  Sadly, it died.  When a goat or calf doesn't get colostrum, it will automatically die.
We had heard that, but thought since the baby lived for 2 weeks, that it would be fine.
Our vet said he had seen them make it up to 2 weeks. 
 I don't know if all ruminants who don't get colostrum will die, but know it to be true with goats and cows.
Anyway, Emmi named her Lafayette, the same name as the other goat had.
(Yes, it's a boy name for a girl, I don't get it either.)
Little Lafayette gets to visit Avery and go for rides everyday=).

Kitchen progress

This week I have been able to work on the kitchen a little each day. 
I tore out the sheet rock that was on this little section between the window and dining room wall.
I tore down the sheet rock that went around the door frame, it had those weird curved corners.

This was the back door to the original house.  On the left is the tongue and groove pine walls, then a REAL 2x4 that actually measures 4".  Next you can see the boards that run at a 45 degree angle, and the wooden lap siding on the right.
I also cut away part of the cabinet.  
The cabinets on the left will stay, but the lower cabinet on the right is being taken down.
So I had to cut the existing longer cabinet, so that it will continue all the way across to the intersecting wall.  
DH will cut a piece of wood to fill the blank side it will leave.  I will have to wait on DH to help me take the other cabinet down.
Two walls were painted, and school house lights installed!!
We decided to keep the ceiling natural, at least for now.
Next, DH will build the shelves for the stove wall.  Since we're living/cooking in this (already smallish) kitchen re-do, we will be doing a section at the time.  I hope to get started on painting cabinets next week.