I can't believe I never showed you the girl's room

Cozy!  It is much smaller than their last room----but no complaints!  The door behind the bed is not used, it leads to the schoolroom....good ol' shotgun house=)
I am grateful that there is a large closet in their bathroom....so they have a winter closet and a summer closet that toys also fit in.
Everything on the walls is from China.  The hot pink quilts are from China (about $15 each)!  I got 2 when we adopted Waid, because I wanted to change up Emmi and Avery's room.  Then we started the adoption process for the last 2, and not only did I not want to spend any money, but also knew I would have 3 girls in the room.  One day in Guangzhou, DH stayed in the room with the kids, so I could go to the fabric market and see if---against all odds---they had another hot pink quilt.  Fifteen months after the original purchase, they still had ONE quilt....don't tell me God doesn't care about little details that make us happy.  He does.
Comforter and pillows are from the last house.  The girls picked the multi color fabric, and we had the rest.  I combined 4 different fabrics, 2 ribbons, and the beads to use what I had and make it work.  I will use the scraps for a bathroom curtain--someday.

You've already seen the chandelier.  The reason I haven't shown the room sooner, is because it is not done.  I am going to paint 12" bubble-gum pink stripes on the ceiling.  The paint is bought already, so I have to follow through, but the time.....just not something I have right now.  It's currently #487 on my to do list.  But when I get there, I'll be sure to show you.

DIY marker board

I love my marker board!!!  I had this huge frame over the sofa in the living room at the last house.  It had colors that I am not using at all in this house, but I knew I had to do something with that huge frame!
I made a marker board to go in the hall off the kitchen.  I purchased extra fabric to match the kitchen, some spray adhesive, and it took less than an hour start to finish.  

I'm a list person.  Breakfast and lunch repeat each week, but the kids drive me crazy asking me what we are having.  I listed those items, and check them off daily.  The lower part lists meals for our 5 weeks between Whole Foods visits.  (5 weeks because that is how often we go to the orthodontist, which is just a few miles from WF---90 minute drive one way).   One column is for meals we have twice during that time, and one column is for things we have only once.  I check them off in the morning when I get the meat out of the freezer.  Then I write the dinner item on the chalkboard by the stove...so the kids won't ask me.
The other side of the wall has my piggy list.  My grocery list is on the computer, and it's the same every 5 weeks.  But when I run out of dry mustard, or want something extra for a dessert, it goes on the piggy list.

On a different note...can anyone tell me how to keep the chickens from congregating around the door!

Kitchen- done

I used the same color as I had in the kitchen at the last house.  I love blues and greens.  I took the cabinet doors off the top row on the wall pictured, and over the fridge, for some pretty display space.Wi
I made the curtains today!!! I found this fabric about a year ago, when we first started looking at houses. The curtain rod sags a little in the middle, I'll remedy that next time I go to Lowe's.
I bought these over sized pom pom things for the girls room, then discovered they didn't match, but discovered they did match my kitchen fabric.....a happy bit of whimsy.
A new fridge had to be purchased last week.  We discovered a down side to being out in the county.  The nearest craig-list listings are an hour in either direction.  That presents a problem when looking for a used fridge.  We knew we will have to have one when we start milking Lilly.  The one that came with the house was an older side-by-side; which I really didn't like, but was hoping to keep and find a $100 fridge for the milk barn.  We looked for weeks but finally gave up and bought a new one.  The side-by-side went to the milking barn.
When people found out we were moving, many made a comment about having to leave my wonderful old kitchen.  I've been blessed to have built 3 kitchens from the ground up; the last had 2 dishwashers, and a commercial built in supersized fridge.  I enjoyed it while we had it, but life isn't about awesome kitchens!
We love our old (65 years) new house!


Happy and Mr. Fuzzypants.

Dining room was painted in October.  Just found replacement sconces today,  Never thought it would be that hard to find a simple sconces that didn't cost an arm and leg.

Painted the kitchen last week, the mauve on the wall looked hot pink as I was painting.  Hoping to get the curtains made this week, then I'll show you.  I was going to play a joke on DH.  I painted the whole room, got everything back in place, and pictures re-hung before he got home.  When he noticed, I was going to act like it had been painted for weeks and he was losing his mind.
The joke was on me....he really did not notice....and he is losing his mind ;o.  
He has been working overtime, 12 hour shifts plus 2 hour commute.  He only had a few days off the whole month of November, and it will be the same in December.  So both us would appreciate your prayers for our sanity=).

More Randomness

Waid brushing Snickers.

Emmi reading to, and rocking Mr. Fuzzypants.
We have such huge, vicious animals, we really need that guardrail fencing!


Forty-six of you viewed the last post, but only Trina guessed.  The rest of you are disqualified from the prize.  Trina, your prize is knowing you made me laugh=).
No pot bellied pig....it's a mini-donk named Toby!!!!
He is 3, and rode home in the back of the van!  He is 33" tall and has a cross on his back (all mini's do).  He will walk on a leash, and is not skiddish at all.  Shortly after arriving home, the kids were able to love on him.  The mini-horses are ohhh so soft and cuddly, but are still leary of us.  Toby isn't as soft, but makes up for it with instant "i'm your best friend" personality.
He was so funny checking out the cows.  He would round the corner of the fence, and the cows would follow, as they checked each other out.  They all went back and forth around the corner of the fence several times.
We are sooo in love with him already!!

Goodbye and hello

Back in August, we were so excited that Delilah came with the farm we bought.  She is BIG though.  
Her back is taller than my 5'4" self.  As wonderful as she is/was, we --not being horse people--quickly realized the danger potential with such a large horse.
Her age, 2.5, being equivalent to a teenager, made her sassy.  She nipped at us, grabbed our clothes, not realizing she could hurt us.  Delilah struck a chord of fear in DH and I on a few occasions.  She once reared up standing right next to DH...and even my 6'4" hubby was a bit in shock.  She liked to run, full speed, around the pasture, then run right up to the fence and "slam on the brakes".  She did that a few times with the kids standing right at the fence.
Her feisty-ness and energy was just not working.  So we traded Delilah the day before Thanksgiving.

Aren't they adorable!  Sully and Snickers!  We traded a giant horse (around 2,000 lb) for 2 mini's who weigh about 100 lbs each.  They are 1/2 brothers, and about 9 months old.  They are a bit feisty too.  But it boils down to this....a kick from one of these guys will bruise and hurt me, a kick from Delilah could kill me.
So we are erring on the side of caution, and getting all this cuteness!  AND you'll never guess what I am supposed to pick up on Sunday!!?!!

What a blind kid can do

In the process of adopting blind kids, we learned that only 2% of "blind" people are 100% blind; meaning they see absolutely nothing.  Most blind people can distinguish between light and dark.  Depending on each persons diagnosis, they may see everything blurred, kaleidoscope type things, their field may be only a tiny window as compared to what we see, etc.  Jenna is totally blind in one eye.  WIth the other eye, she has a very limited "window", and has to hold her head in just the right position, and be VERY close to see.  SO close, that when doing schoolwork, she ends up with pencil lead marks on her nose=).
Jenna is amazingly brave.  She rides a bike (no training wheels) FULL SPEED on the driveway.  She has learned the sound of the gravel, and mapped it in her mind.  But if you happen to be the oncoming traffic--watch out--you better get out of the way.  In one part of the yard there is a small hill that goes down to the driveway, with a row of crepe myrtles next to it.  Jenna thought it would be full to ride down the little hill.....and hit a crepe myrtle.  She then figured out that she could put the bike at the top of the little hill, walk it down, to make sure she was at a spot where there was no crepe myrtle, then go back up the hill and ride!  SHe's very good at figuring out how to make things work for her.
Jenna made this paper envelope for Waid's birthday.
It was filled with a card game she made, for Waid  to match the pairs of cars.  She thought it up all by herself, and made Waid a game that he is capable of playing...so very thoughtful.
Jenna drew this princess for Kristen's birthday.  Look at the detail of the pearls on the dress!  It took Jenna several hours to finish, but she stuck with it.  She uses her CCTV for things like this.
All the kids have recently been taught how to change the sheets on their beds.  Jenna does the neatest job of them all!!

Crazy horse and birthdays

The other day, Delilah would not move away from the gate for DH to get the tractor into the pasture.  So DH thought it he moved the bucket around, that Delilah would move.  Nope, she just licked the bucket.  We may have to get rid of Delilah.  At the age of 2.5, she needs lots of exercise, we just don't have the time to do that.  We need an old lazy horse=).
Waid recently turned 9.  He is very sweet and considerate.  On our last couple of errand days, he has told everyone we encounter, that they are beautiful!
Waid is mentally challenged and legally blind.  His vision is more functional than Jenna's, but he still needs to use a cane when we are out, and a CCTV for school work.  School progress is slow for Waid, but he knows all letters and sounds, and is reading simple words.  He is beginning to add single digits, and can match number pictures to their numbers.  He can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about excavators.
Kristen turned 23.  (Sorry for the bad picture).  She works at a mortgage company in Birmingham, and rents-to-own a house that we bought 1.5 years ago.

Thankful Thursday

On Thursday, it went down to to 22 degrees; everyone was in shock.  Thursday is our normal errand day.  While we were out, we heard that all the stores were out of heaters, and the propane gas companies had  waiting lists.
I am thankful that God knew the things we needed on this farm; even though we didn't realize it initially.  Among those things, are freeze proof water spickets.   All 5 of out outdoor spickets are freeze proof.  I didn't even know there was such a thing until we moved here.  When we were feeding animals in record low temps, I'm very thankful that we did not have to worry about frozen pipes too!
I am also thankful for the progress DH made in the den yesterday.  Spurred on by the freezing temps, he got the ceiling wired, wires dropped down for wall plugs, wall insulation up, and insulation blown in the attic!

Small boys come in handy getting tools in and out of the attic!  Thanks Wes.

Many hands make light work

There was an area over 40' long, by the milk barn, that had been washing away for years.  All the rain coming off the roof had made a substantial ditch.
Tuesday morning, we gathered and carted rocks from 2 other locations, and filled the ditch!  Everyone was happy and had fun, and we got it all done in a few hours.
OK, so not everyone worked.....Ben and Happy lounged around.

I'm thankful we got the job done just before a huge cold front rolled in.  Temps were in the 40's today, with a "feels like" temp of 34.  According to DH's car thermometer, it is 10 degrees colder here that it was in Birmingham at 2 and 3 o'clock.  We've never lived this far north before--I hope we can handle it.  I know some of you are laughing, but I don't even own a coat!  I have jackets, but not a coat.
After farm chores this evening, DH found a stowaway in his jacket.