Lots of concrete

Instead of herding cattle here, we've been herding kids. There's a wide paved path that goes down to the stocked pond; i didn't even know the path was there until Sunday. We still haven't made it to the back of the property, lots of exploring (and bushogging) to do.

Girl's room sneak peak

Bubble gum pink chandelier. It will be a while before I make curtains and hang pictures...stay tuned.

Today I rescued 65 year old pine floors from a berber-y grave.
I put words between each picture in the last post, are they showing up on computers?? Not showing on my phone.

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Today on the farm....

I like my little crooked gate like it is. Apparently Mr. Cow#134 and his buddies have pulled one of the hinges loose. DH says it must be repaired, no cute crookedness


This is Marie--named by Emmi. Can anyone tell me why the previous owner put a plastic egg in the nesting box?

What we've learned so far

Flip flops and Teva's don't work well in hen houses, horse stall, and in the duck's territory....

New toy

I may never see them again. I don't know who is more excited, the boy or the man.