Because I needed something else on my plate....

On Monday, my beloved 14 year old Whirlpool washer expired.  Full of water of course.
She outlived our original washer by 2 years, so we knew her days were numbered.
  Her better half--the dryer, is still going strong.  The pair was purchased as a scratch and dent sale item at Lowes.
 Several of the houses we have looked at, will include extra appliances.  We seem to have a knack of picking houses where someone has died, or is being put in a nursing home.  So we certainly did not want to spend money on a new washer at this point.  My new girl was found on the Power Co classifieds for $115, and she's under 5 years old.  YAY!  She is busy at work right now=)
The "serious lookers" looked at our house again today.....Our agent is going to check with the other agent late this afternoon, if she doesn't hear from him.  Praying the people choose our house!

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